Text and data mining

Text and data mining (TDM) is the digital analysis of large quantities of content (text and/or data) that allows researchers to discover patterns, trends, connections, and other insightful information. Recognizing its benefits across research fields, AJSRP Foundation is happy to accommodate both non-commercial and commercial use of TDM.

Non-commercial use
Non-commercial TDM applications are performed solely to advance research and not for the benefit of commercial companies (it does not generate current or future revenue). As such, these initiatives support our mission of creating high-quality academic and educational resources and services and making them available across the world. Non-commercial TDM rights are detailed in our Subscription Agreement with your institution. To understand what is permitted under your institution’s agreement, please contact us.

Commercial use
Commercial TDM can be made available to individuals or companies for research that leads to the development of new products or services (including those that will generate revenue).

For more information, please contact us with your inquiries.