1 Subscription

1.1 How do I subscribe to a journal?

To receive postal copies of one of our journals, please e-mail us at info@ajsrp.com. Subscription is for one year (12 issues).

1.2 How do I renew my subscription?

To renew your postal or online subscription to one or more of our journals, please e-mail us at info@ajsrp.com.

1.3 Can I unsubscribe?

The subscription (both postal and online) is prepaid for one year and is non-refundable.

1.4 Can I order copies of individual issues?

Individual issues of our journals can be purchased in the same way as a subscription.

1.5 Subscription to agents.

Subscriptions are available via agencies. Please e-mail us at info@ajsrp.com for more information.

1.6 Claim Period.

The claim time for print issues is 4 months.

2 Submission

2.1 How do I choose which journal to submit to?

The principal aim of our journals is to provide for the prompt publication of original works of high quality. For more details on each of the journals, including their specific subject areas, please visit the page for the individual journals or the About page of the website.

2.2 How do I prepare a manuscript for submission?

Manuscripts need to prepared according to our guidelines, as detailed on the Manuscript Submission page of the website. Please ensure that you follow these guidelines to allow us to process your manuscript as quickly as possible.

2.3 How do I submit a manuscript?

Details of how to submit a manuscript through the website and via e-mail can be found here. Each manuscript must only be submitted to one journal. If you have a problem uploading files, please contact us or submit via e-mail.

If you are asked to submit a revised manuscript, please do this via e-mail.

2.4 How do I track a submission?

When we receive your manuscript, we will send you an e-mail containing a link which you can follow to track the progress of your submission. Your manuscript will be described as one of the following:

  • Incomplete. The submission process is not complete, for example not all fields may be filled in. Alternatively, following an initial check of data submitted, further corrections/modifications need to be made by the author, e.g., to figures or references, and the submissions page has been re-opened
  • Finalized. All fields have been completed correctly and the manuscript becomes ready for processing. If after the initial check of the data, any part is not correct according to the Instructions, the status is changed back to Incomplete, and the author is asked to modify that part as required
  • Under review. This means that every part of the submitted manuscript is correct. As such, the manuscript is now under evaluation, and the author is awaiting the decision. This stage is repeated if a manuscript is transferred to another journal
  • Journal transfer. The manuscript was not originally accepted, but may transfer to an alternative journal
  • Accepted. The author has agreed to the journal transfer, if applicable, and the manuscript is being processed
  • Rejected. Rejection of a manuscript occurs after the review stage, and the author is informed within 2-3 business days. Alternatively, a manuscript is rejected if plagiarism is identified at any stage of production
  • Withdrawn. The manuscript has been withdrawn by the author for various reasons, e.g., the same manuscript has been resubmitted and allocated a new e-sub number

2.5 When will my manuscript be published?

As a rough guide, the time from submission of a manuscript to publication is between 1 and 4 months, although there is variation between the journals. However, this may change depending on a number of factors and relies on prompt payment and replies to e-mails and proofs.

2.6 When will I get proofs?

When your manuscript has been processed, we will send you proofs to review. Please carefully follow the instructions in the e-mail with regard to how to return the proofs with any corrections.

2.7 How much does publication cost?

The price for publication in our journals is shown here

2.8 When and how do I pay?

Payment is required once paper is accepted. We will send you invoice of the manuscript which allows for payment by online or bank transfer or credit card.

2.9 How do I order reprints?

Reprints of your manuscript can be ordered when you return proofs. Please fill out the relevant sections of the expense chart. Alternatively, please e-mail info@ajsrp.com.

3 Publication

3.1 My manuscript appears on the website, but I cannot find it in PubMed. When will it appear on Google Scholar?

Papers are automatically sent to Google Scholar to upload on the day that they go early online on our website. From then, we cannot anticipate when the papers will appear on Google Scholar as it is up to Google Scholar to upload them, and there is usually a delay of a couple of days.

3.2 My article appears in the early online section of the website but doesn’t have page numbers. What are my page numbers?

The early online section allows users to see the most recent articles before they have been assigned to an issue. Page numbers will be assigned to the article once the issue has been finalized.

3.3 Can I have color figures in the online version of my article, but black and white figures in print (to save money)?

No, color figures should only be submitted when they are intended for publication.

3.4 Are the journals peer-reviewed?

All material submitted to our journals is subject to review by appropriate referees selected by the Editorial Office.

3.5 What are the impact factors for the journals?

The impact factors of our journals can be found on the web page of each journal.

3.6 Are the journals listed on Google Scholar and other databases?

A list of where our journals are abstracted and indexed can be found on the web page of each journal.

3.7 Will my manuscript be open access?

Open access articles are published online and can be freely accessed on the website by all users.

3.8 I would like to reuse material from a paper on the website, what do I have to do?

You must obtain our permission to reuse material from one of our publications. Please e-mail us at info@ajsrp.com

4 Registration

4.1 How do I register?

You must register on our website to be able to submit a manuscript or subscribe to a journal. The registration form is found here

4.2 What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, use this link

4.3 I can’t log in

If you are unable to log in, your account may not have been activated yet. Please check your e-mail for the registration code. Please click the link provided in the e-mail to activate your account or enter your e-mail address and the activation code at the User Confirmation page. If you cannot locate your activation code, please use the form at User Confirmation page.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

E-mail: info@ajsrp.com


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