secure zone routing protocol in ad-hoc networks

secure zone routing protocol in ad-hoc networks


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secure zone routing protocol in ad-hoc networks

secure zone routing protocol in ad-hoc networks
secure zone routing protocol in ad-hoc networks


تأليف: hanan m m abu-thuraia(اعداد):: ibrahim s abuhaiba(مشرف)
اللغة: إنجليزي
النشر: gaza strip:author 2010
النوع: رسائل جامعية
عدد الصفحات: 75
المواضيع: analog communication – communications enginnering:: communications enginnering:: الاتصالات الالكترونية:: هندسة الاتصالات:: هندسة الاتصالات
رقم التصنيف: 621.382
الرقم العام:

العنوان : secure zone routing protocol in ad-hoc networks


A mobile ad-hoc network is a collection of mobile nodes connected together over a wireless medium without any fixed infrastructure. Currently, ad-hoc networks are gaining popularity for their attractive features and applications.

Security in such networks is an essential component that safeguards the proper functioning of the network and underlying protocols.
However, the inconsistency between some properties of the nodes nature such as high mobility, energy constraint, no central administration, and the security requirements of its allied application make achieving secure routing a nontrivial task.

Traditionally, routing protocols for wireless ad-hoc networks assume a non-adversarial environment and a cooperative network setting. In practice, there may be malicious nodes that attempt to disrupt the network communication by launching attacks on the network or the routing protocol itself.

This thesis is a contribution in the field of security analysis on mobile ad-hoc networks, and security requirements of applications. Limitations of the mobile nodes have been studied in order to design a secure routing protocol that thwarts different kinds of attacks.
Our approach is based on the Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP); the most popular hybrid routing protocol. The importance of the proposed solution lies in the fact that it ensures security as needed by providing a comprehensive architecture of secure zone routing protocol based on efficient key management, secure neighbor discovery, secure routing packets, detection of malicious nodes, and preventing these nodes from destroying the network.

In order to fulfill these objectives, both efficient key management and secure neighbor mechanisms have been designed to be performed prior to the functioning of the protocol.

To validate the proposed solution, we use the network simulator NS-2 to test the performance of secure protocol and compare it with the conventional zone routing protocol over different number of factors that affect the network.
Our results evidently show that our secure version paragons the conventional protocol in the packet delivery ratio while it has a tolerable increase in the routing overhead and average delay. Also, security analysis proves in details that the proposed protocol is robust enough to thwart all classes of ad-hoc attacks.

Keywords: Ad-hoc networks, secure routing, secure neighbor discovery, digital signature, zone routing protocol.

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secure zone routing protocol in ad-hoc networks
secure zone routing protocol in ad-hoc networks



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