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About the Arab Journal of Science and Research Publishing

We are an Arab magazine for scientific publishing and one of the pioneers of scientific publishing in the Arab world through our scientific journals, which are specialized journals approved internationally by many universities and colleges in the world and indexed and licensed by the international network ISSN in Paris.
The Arab Journal takes into account all the conditions of scientific research and has been issued periodically since 2015 by the Arab Journal for Science and Research Publishing and the National Research Center, which is an accredited and licensed scientific research center established in 2003 by a decision of President Yasser Arafat – President of the State of Palestine.

Arab Journal for Sciences and Research Publishing

We seek to be the best Arabic Journal to publish refereed scientific research

The Arab Journal for Science and Research Publishing since 2015 and its specialized magazines in all scientific and literary fields are published by the National Center for Research in the State of Palestine and are among the list of scientific journals that are issued in the Arabic language and the English language that meets the criteria for joining the international data bases Clarivate and Scopus Scopus And Elsevier, who was revised from the publication unit of the Deanship of Scientific Research at Umm Al-Qura University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Journal of Economic, Administrative and Legal Sciences

Journal of Natural, Life and Applied Sciences

Journal of the humanities and social sciences

Journal of Risk and Crisis Management

Journal of Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences

Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Arab Journal of Sciences and Research Publishing

Journal of Islamic Science

Journal of Educational and Psychological Sciences

Journal of Engineering Science and Information Technology

An invitation to academics to join the team of consultants

The Arab Journal for Science and Research publishes seeks to accommodate academics around the world in order to participate in the arbitration of scientific research in various disciplines, and the arbitrators are given financial rewards in recognition of their efforts to refine and improve research.

Why do scholars and scholars prefer publishing in our journals?

The research is judged by elite academicians, who are known for their high efficiency and their wonderful scientific work, and with a generous contribution from them in the service of scientific research.

The editorial team of the Arab Journal of Science and Research Publishing is distinguished by its speedy follow-up to researchers ’requests and inquiries and serious follow-up with the team of arbitrators, editors-in-chief and general administration.

Research is indexed on several leading platforms because the Arab Journal of Science and Research Publishing is one of the pioneers of scientific publishing and scientific publishing. Special methods need a great effort, as research is indexed in international scientific rules and platforms such as Epsco and Google Scholar (scholarly researcher) and Dar Al-Manzumah Al-Manhal and work is underway to include it in Scopes, Clarify, and others.


نحن رواد النشر العلمي في الوطن العربي و ندعم و نتبنى رؤية المملكة العربية السعودية للتعليم 2030 و نسعى لتطبيقها في مجال البحث و النشر العلمي و نشر الأبحاث العلمية في جميع التخصصات التربوية و النفسية و الإنسانية و الأدبية و الطبية و الطبيعية و الهندسة بفروعها و كافة التخصصات و حسب الأصول. المجلة العربية للعلوم و نشر الأبحاث وجدت من أجل النشر العلمي و هي من أفضل المجلات العلمية المحكمة و التي تصدر باللغة العربية و الإنجليزية علاوة على دعم الباحثين و طلبة العلم و تنشر بعض الأبحاث مجاناً.
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National Center for Research,
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