The consultancy body for the Arab Journal of Science and Research Publishing includes a large group of the best academics from the most famous Arab and international universities, where consultants must participate in reviewing process of the research submitted to AJSRP.
Conditions for joining the consultancy body:
– That the  review holds a doctorate degree from a university recognized by the Association of Arab Universities – that he has published at least 3 scientific papers. – The applying reviewers CV must be sent to the email below, and each file is discussed by the editorial board.
Contact us on the e-mail: [email protected]
Medical specialties
Dr.. Ahmed Adel Saadah, lecturer of Immunology, Vaccines and Microbiology, University of Würzburg – Germany   – Egypt.
Dr.. Ahmed Samir Mohamed, lecturer of microbiology, Cairo University   – Egypt. .
Dr.. Ahmed Baybars is a nutrition expert and a nutrition consultant at major international food companies   – Egypt.
Dr. Ahmed Galal, lecturer of pharmacology, Cairo University  – Egypt.
Prof. Adim Rama University of Pristina   Republic of Kosovo.
Prof. Omaima Mahfouz Mahmoud, majoring in Anatomy and Embryology, Suez Canal University  – Egypt.
Dr. Ayman Tolba, Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Embryology, Cairo University  – Egypt. .
Prof. Ihab Al-Masry, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drugs, Al-Azhar University From: State of Palestine
 Dr. Hussein Mohamed Hussein, Assistant Professor of Nutritional Health, Cairo University  – Egypt.
 Dr. Hanan Ramadan Hamed, lecturer of genetics, Faculty of Science, Cairo University  – Egypt. .
 Dr. Salah El-Din Baset Ahmed El-Sayed, lecturer of physical therapy, Cairo University  – Egypt.
 Dr. Atef Arafat Massad Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Lancaster University – England
 Dr. Mohamed Said Mostafa, lecturer of surgery, anesthesia and radiology, Cairo University, Egypt
Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Dayem, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Suez Canal University  – Egypt.
Dr. Haitham Ali Farghali, Lecturer of Surgery, Anesthesiology and Radiology, Cairo University  – Egypt. .
Prof. Wafa Abdel Azim Al-Husseini, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Suez Canal University   – Egypt.
 Dr. Yasser Muhammad Sanad, Professor of Preventive Medicine, PhD, Ohio University – United States of America
Veterinary medicine, agricultural sciences and animal sciences
 Prof. Osama Mohamed Darwish PhD in Environmental Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, National Research Institute   – Egypt.
 Dr. Iman Yousry, Lecturer of Embryology, Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Science, Cairo University  – Egypt. .
 Prof. Iman Ismail Said specializes in botanical and orchard production – ornamental, medicinal and aromatic plants, Suez Canal University  – Egypt.
 Prof. Hassan Abdel-Moneim Mohamed El-Demerdash majored in Food and Nutrition Sciences, Suez Canal University  – Egypt.
Prof. Sahar Samir Abdel Rahman, Professor of Pathology, Cairo University  – Egypt. .
 Dr. Shaima Abu Al-Saud Nasr, Assistant Professor of Health, Cairo University  – Egypt. .
Dr. Essam Mohamed Darwish, Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Physiology, Cairo University From: – Egypt. .
Prof. Kawkab Abdel Aziz Ahmed, Professor of Pathology, Cairo University  – Egypt. .
Dr. Muhammad Abd al-Salam, a lecturer of ichthyology and sponsorship, Ph.D., Miyazaki University-  Japan.
 Prof. Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud, Professor of ichthyology, Cairo University – Egypt.
Dr. Mahmoud Fathy Mahmoud Moqled, a teacher at the Horticulture Department, Ain Shams University – Egypt.
 Dr. Yousrya Abdel Basit Hamed, Department of Natural Reserves, University of Alexandria, – Egypt.
Economics, administration and law
 Prof. Muhammad al-Mu’taz al-Mujtaba Ibrahim Taha
 Prof.  Izzat Melouk Kenawy Hassan, Professor of Economics, Faculty of Commerce, Department of Economics and Public Finance, Kafr El Sheikh University, – Egypt.
Dr. Muhannad Abbas Mukhtar Mahmoud, PhD in Business Administration, Faculty of Arts and Administration, Nabata University, Sudan
 Prof. Badruddin Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Rahman, PhD in Economics and Administration, Zalingei University – Sudan
 Dr. Ihab Ibrahim Ramadan is a consultant in the courts of appeal and delegated to the judicial inspection of the Ministry of Justice, – Egypt.
Dr. Fatima Zahraa Talhi, PhD in Business Administration Sciences, University of Mohamed Cherif msadia – Algeria
 Dr. Inad Sayel Al-Taani, PhD in Business Administration Sciences – Risk Management Director of Total Quality Management – Jordan Customs Department- Jordan
Educational, human, natural and life sciences
Prof. Fahad Saleh Maghraba Al-Maamari, Associate Professor of Administration and Educational Planning and Head of the Academic Development Unit, College of Education and Al-Alsun, Amran University– Republic of Yemen
 Prof. Salwa Al-Saeed Abdel Karim Ahmed, PhD in Library Science – Cairo University, Associate Professor at Sultan Qaboos University– Oman
Prof. Amal Attia Al-Morsi Ibrahim Professor of Histology, Tissue Chemistry and Immunochemistry, Department of Zoology, Girls’ College of Arts, Sciences and Education, Ain Shams University – Cairo, – Egypt.
Prof. Ibrahim Hamed Al-Astal, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Mathematics, Islamic University – Gaza, Palestine
 Prof. Bahri Saber, Professor of Psychology and Education, University of Setif 02, Algeria
 Dr. Jamal Anak is a research professor at the Department of History and Archeology, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Al-Arabi Tebsi University, Algeria
Dr. Hamza Fandouchi, Higher School of Sport Science and Technology, Algeria
 Dr. Khaled Zener, PhD in Mathematics, University of Sidi Belias – Algeria
Dr. Rabih Abd Al-Raouf Muhammad Amer – Associate Professor of Education, Curricula and Teaching Methods
 Dr. Said Fahim PhD in Language Sciences, University of Mouloud Mammeri, Algeria
 Dr. Tariq Abdel Raouf Muhammad Amer, PhD in Education, Director of Quality Management, Education and Training, in the Al-Menoufia Region, Azhar, – Egypt.
Dr. Laila Zian majored in Literature and Linguistics – Linguistics, Mostaganem University, Algeria
Dr. Muhammad Fawzi Ahmed Bani Yassin PhD in Arabic Language Curricula and Teaching Methods Al-Balqa Applied University – Ajloun University College, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Dr. Maryam Khalifa Arab Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in Kuwait PhD in Sports Science and Disability University of Oregon, USA
Dr. Awatef Mansour PhD in Heritage and Art Sciences Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts – University of Kairouan Tunisia
 Dr.. Maan Jasim Al-Amin, Head of Art Education Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Diyala University – Iraq
Prof. Abeer Sulaiman Majid Hussain is Associate Professor of Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Mathematics
  Dr. Fatna Muhammad Saber Quneibi, PhD in Educational Technology and Teaching Methods, Ministry of Education, Jordan
Dr. Nuha Al-Asi, teacher of educational administration and director of the quality unit, Suez Canal University, – Egypt.
Dr. Adel Ibrahim Muhammad Ahmad Assistant Professor – Specialized Jurisprudence at the College of Da`wah, Palestine
 Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim Fayed, Assistant Professor of Sharia, Cairo University
 Dr. Nameer Qasim Khalaf Al-Bayati, Head of the Fine Arts Department, Diyala University, Republic of Iraq
Geology and Earth Sciences
 Dr. Saleh Al-Sayed Ammar, Professor of Applied Geology, Nuclear Materials Authority, – Egypt.
 Prof. Abdel Mohsen Galal Gharib Professor of Applied Geophysics and Remote Sensing Department of Space Geophysics – Nuclear Materials Authority, – Egypt.
Engineering and Information Technology
 Dr. Bassam Mahmoud Al-Aji
 Professor of Civil Engineering
 Dr. Omar Mohamed El-Nady, PhD in Environmental and Health Engineering, Ain Shams University, – Egypt.
 Dr. Fatima Abdel-Mohy Ajrama Faculty of Engineering – Civil Engineering, Menoufia University, – Egypt.
 Dr. Firas Shawkat Hamed, PhD in Communications Engineering / Assistant Professor, Head of Computer Systems Department / Northern Technical University, Republic of Iraq

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