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The Arab Journal for Science and Research Publishing includes a variety of specialized, internationally recognized and recognized scientific journals, all indexed and licensed by ISSN International in Paris and issued since 2015 periodically by the National Research Center.

The National Research Center is a Palestinian institution affiliated with the Palestinian National Authority that is concerned with scientific, technological and strategic research and was established by decision of the late President Yasser Arafat in 2003.

The main directions of the center are as follows:

First: The effective contribution in the field of humanities and scientific studies.

Second: Work to prepare and qualify leaders in the areas to which they are directed.

Third: Creating productive work opportunities through the center’s workshops.

Fourth: Benefiting in particular from the Mediterranean.

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Address: First floor, Al-Dakhiliya Tower, Tel Al-Hawa, Gaza, Palestine

Email: [email protected]

Mobile / WhatsApp / Viber: 00970569831045

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License – ISSN 2518-5780 International Standard Serial Number

License – International Legal Deposit No. ISBN 2015-499

Impact Factor 6.884: 2019

Vision, mission and goals of the magazine

The Arab Journal for Science and Research Publishing “A Scientific, Refereed Academic Journal” is supervised by a cadre of scientists and academics from various universities around the world.

Our vision:

Global leadership and distinction in publishing scientific research.

Our message:

Providing distinguished research and production of knowledge that serves the community, and supporting intellectual creativity and optimal employment of effective local and global technology and partnership.

rate us :

1. Quality and Excellence: We are committed to measuring our performance through the application of high-level standards that respect great aspirations, and the pursuit of excellence through our commitment to the highest intellectual standards in teaching, learning and innovation.

2. Leadership and teamwork: We are firmly committed to strengthening individual and institutional leadership roles that drive social development, with a deep belief in professionalism, responsibility, creativity and work in a team spirit.

3. Academic freedom: Disciplined and honest intellectual exploration is the core of our academic traditions, which is evident in all aspects of research and scientific activities.

4. Justice and integrity: We adhere to the principles of social justice, equal opportunity and cultural diversity, and all are committed to the highest levels of honesty, respect and professional ethics.

5. Transparency and accountability: We are firmly committed to presenting their ideas to society and scholars to measure the amount of their contributions to global knowledge, and everyone is committed to respecting their values ​​in all scientific and study activities.

6. Continuous learning: We are committed to supporting continuous learning, and promoting continuous intellectual growth and sustainable community welfare.

strategic goals:

The first strategic goal: Proficiency and distinction in all areas and distinction in specific areas.

(Achieving progress in international rankings by strengthening the entire university, and excelling in research and education in specific academic fields)

The second strategic goal: distinguished members and arbitrators.

(Attracting and developing distinguished jury members and consultants)

The third strategic goal: quality, not quantity.

(Achieving the quality required for scientific research)

Fourth Strategic Objective: To enhance the capabilities of researchers and arbitrators.

(Enabling researchers and arbitrators to acquire intellectual and professional skills during their research and scientific lives)

Fifth Strategic Objective: Building bridges of communication.

(Building bridges of communication inside and outside the National Research Center with universities, companies, and local and international groups)

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